“Sunflowers instead of missiles in the soil will ensure peace for
future generations.” U.S. Sec. of Defense, William Perry
In 1996, at a former Ukraine missile base, leaders celebrated by
scattering sunflower seeds and planting sunflowers in the soil.
Why? Sunflowers can remove toxins including nuclear waste from
soil and water. Currently, sunflowers are also being utilized to
detoxify the areas affected by the Fukushima Nuclear spill in 2011.

The vision of “Sunflower Project Hawai’i” is to see that all people,
young and older join the movement to plant sunflower seeds and
sunflowers in their gardens, parks and all corners of the
community, the State and further all around the globe to display
their commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons!


Join the Movement! Plant some Sunflowers Seeds!